"Mz. Smudge's unique style, humour, and unparalleled ability to engage with an audience creates lifelong moments of joy for the guests at any event and makes Conni one of the most sought after personalities in the country. " ~ Q Hall of Fame


Developing a character named Conni Smudge has been a quarter century in the making. One that has taken her around the Globe. She has performed in some of the most unlikely of places. From Biker Bars of Nanaimo British Columbia to the Grand Theatres of Europe, Mz Smudge has done them all.


Her wit, charm and approachable nature has afforded her the honour of being a highly sought after event host and spokesperson.  With an uncanny ability to break through barriers and draw the audience in, an evening with Conni is unlike anything ever experienced.


Based out of Vancouver British Columbia, Mz Smudge has been the face of several initiatives, events and charities, including the North American OutGames, Qmunity, The City of Vancouver, North Shore ConneXions, Whitecaps FC, Pride Vancouver, and The Q Hall of Fame Canada to name just a few. She is proud to announce that she has just signed on to be the Brand Ambassador for Haystax Financial, a new, innovative financial company.


She is known as The Unstoppable Conni Smudge and her busy schedule and the high demand for her services are proof that she truly is one Unstoppable Dame.

CONNI Interview

Mz. Smudge, tell us about what it was like starting out.


"Well, as a young ingenue it was always a challenge. I never knew where my next meal was coming from, but I kept my wits about me and never gave up hope."


When did you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?


"I knew from a very young age.  I often held little shows for the family after dinner belting out songs from commercials.  My favorite was 'wonderful wonderful wonder braaaaa!'.  I have always had the desire to entertain people, to make them smile and experience a little bit of joy in their lives."


Who is Conni Smudge really?


"Well that is the question isn't it?  Who is Conni?  Let me tell you, Conni is me, a part of who I am.  I will always be Chris, but Conni allows me the freedom to express myself in new and creative ways.  Some would tell you that Conni is an alter ego, and maybe she is, but Conni is all about making people shine and spreading a little bit of glitter around an otherwise dull world."


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